Q. What’s your nationality, Farrukh?
I’m Indian. And I don’t nod my head when I speak.

Why was that the first frequently asked question?
Because many ads in my region start with a US/UK nationality requirement. Apparently they don’t have a clue about being equal opportunity employers. Or merit-based recruitment. If your recruitment works on nationality basis, stop reading now. This website isn’t for you.

Q. I’m looking for native English speakers.
Good for you. I write words which sell products. Get clicks. Make an impact. I’ve worked with some of the world’s hottest brands, including British and American brands. And I’m not a native English speaker. You decide.

Q. Why are you freelancing? Shouldn’t you be in a good company?

I’ve worked for over 12 years in some of the hottest agencies in the world. I’ve done good work for global clients, represented my agency at Cannes Young Lions in my country, broken a world record for the world’s largest ad.

Now, as an independent professional, I continue to work with people I respect and brands I admire. I’m in good company. As always.

Q. You’re in Abu Dhabi, I’m in Honolulu. Can you work for me?

Sure. If you’ve got an internet connection, we’re on.

We can chat, email, see each other (video conferencing). Of course, if you are super organised and highly focused – all you need to do is email me your brief. And we can take it from there.

If it’s any assurance – I’ve worked for clients in Europe, Canada, the Maghreb… remotely.

It worked wonderfully.

Q. Your client list is intimidating. How expensive are you?

It depends on how you look at it.

I am senior copywriter with over 12 years of international experience. I’m also a highly specialised online consultant. With me, your advertising copy could pull in immediate and measurable results.

Your message could get read and shared all over the world while you sleep.

Your brand could dominate search engine results in record time.

Your website could finally get all the traffic it deserves – at a fraction of conventional media costs.

You could even have your own people trained by me as social media ninjas giving your competition a run for their money.

That kind of craftsmanship and expertise costs more than bargain basement prices.

I’d say my services are not cheap. They’re good value for your money though.

If you’re the kind of a client who gives business to the lowest bidder – I am not your man.

Q. How do you charge? Hourly? Per word? Per project?

I’m a fast writer and I don’t believe in dragging projects just to bill you more. So I don’t like charging by the hour.

For editing jobs and journalistic assigments – a per word arrangement seems to work fine. For advertising, it’s easier to bill by campaign. Websites can be charged by the page or as a fixed total amount.

For social media, it really depends on how you want to go about it. I can customise a course within your budget and train your people at a fixed price. Or I can help you outsource it on a continuing basis for a retainer fee.

Most likely, I’d ask you to show me all the inputs and data you have to ascertain the scope of work. Then, you get a competitive fixed quote from me, and an idea of how much time the project will take. If it works for you, we’re on!

Q. When would your payment become due?

I don’t work on credit. Consultants shouldn’t.

If you’re a new client, 50% advance and 50% on delivery of first draft. When you’ve shown me credit-worthiness and promptness in payment after the work is done, you don’t have to pay me in advance.

An exception to this general no-credit policy is one of the leading publishers in the region who pay me a month after submission of my copy. In six years that we’ve worked together – they have never defaulted on payment even once. They love my writing and almost never feel the urge to ask for revisions. They aren’t just the exception, they’re exceptional for this region where freelancers have to spend more time chasing payments than doing cool stuff.

I’m a bit of a copywriter myself. I just need you to polish my copy. Can you?

I proofread. I edit. I write. So that you don’t have to.

If you believe a copywriter can do a good job for you, let him.

If you believe you can do a better job than your copywriter, you don’t need one.

HG Wells said that no compulsion in the world is stronger than the urge to edit someone else’s document.

Resist that urge.

How can you help me online?

Helping your product, service or brand succeed online is my speciality.

I can design your internet strategy, add more creativity to your online media plan, plan-write-popularise your website, and help you make the most of blogs, online networking, Twitter, Facebook and online conversations.

The work I have done so far for my clients will show you in minutes what is possible online.

The fact that you’re here…

on the bottom of this long page…

reading this…

proves something.

Doesn’t it.

Time to get in touch.

My email and number is on my masthead above.

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